Noah’s Park Children’s Church Curriculum

A complete kit for your children’s ministries. Features 52 weeks of lessons, songs, crafts, puppet skits, games, and snacks.  Each kit comes with 2 puppets.  There are 3 kits available: Green, Red, and Blue, each with different lessons. Provides different lessons, activities, and crafts for two different age groups – younger elementary and upper elementary.  Bible Memory Verses also available as an additional resource.

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  1. Judith Lynn Maxwell, CIF Darmstadt, Germany

    We use this at Converge International Fellowship in Darmstadt and we really enjoy it. We are in the third year of the three-year cycle. I like that there are two different age groups in the kit. We have a combined group of children so I often mix-and-match the Bible story, games, and craft activities that I think our children will enjoy. Be sure to go to the website and download the Bible memory verses that go along with each week’s lesson.

    We ordered all three of our kits through and they were delivered usually within 2 weeks.

    There are a few crafts that are a little U.S.-oriented but we’ve been able to easily work around those by modifying it slightly. The one craft supply that we’ve not been able to find here in Germany are brown paper lunch bags. I’ve solved that problem by bringing a package back with me, but I know that all churches don’t have that option.


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