Reproducible Disciple Making

The transient reality of the international church presents challenging implications in every area of church life and in every task of the church’s mission.  One international pastor put it this way, “It is like pastoring a parade!” It is imperative that disciple-making endeavors be approached with the transient nature of the international church in mind.  It is critical that those who minister in international settings understand the need for contextually appropriate approaches to disciple making in transient communities.  Those ministering in international settings must learn to disciple the moving target.

This goal of this guide is to

  • Provide a process and tools for disciple making with the transient nature of the international church in mind.
  • Empower all of us, regardless of personality, gifts, or experience, with an effective way of disciple making that is less leader centric, more life-giving, and more reproducible, so we can see God’s Kingdom expand.


  1. The Essence of Disciple Making
  2. Three Core Values of Disciple Making
  3. Disciple Making Stages
  4. What do we do in the weekly meeting?
  5. What do we do during the week?
  6. Practices for Experiencing Jesus
  7. What is the content we use?


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