SHARE Education Services

SHARE Education Services helps English-speaking expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East with their children’s educational needs. With a staff of educators and years of international experience, they understand the joys and challenges of educating children in a cross-cultural environment. They offer help in:

  • Choosing a schooling option
  • Deciding what curriculum to use
  • Assessing academic achievement
  • Determining learning issues and challenges
  • Supporting through transitions
  • Providing resource help

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  1. Jackie Faulkner, Il Faro, Naples, Italy

    SHARE is a great resource for education help, regardless of what kind of schooling the family has chosen to work with. We personally know the director and some of their consultants — heads up, high quality folk with a heart for TCKs. We attended one of their conferences and were very impressed; they were sensitive to budget constraints, had fantastic plenary sessions, a wide range of seminars, and fantastic programs for the kids in attendance (divided by age group).


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