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TCK Training’s mission is to come alongside parents with support and encouragement as they raise Third Culture Kids to be healthy and uniquely beautiful individuals and to educate those who support TCKs about the prevention of common challenges TCKS face in adulthood.  They do it through workshops, seminars, blogs, coaching, and a new book Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids just recently released.

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  1. Loren and Alaina Holland, Rome International Church, TCKs themselves

    TCK Training is probably the best material we’ve found for working with TCKs since The TCK Experience. Developed by Lauren Wells, it is intended to offer preventative care to TCKs by informing and training parents, teachers, or anyone else who may be working with TCKs. My wife and I found the material very practical, insightful and personally impactful. It led us to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced as adult TCKs in a new light. Having been inspired we attended her workshop and found her to be very approachable and knowledgeable. Her book and workshops are not filled with Christian language but have an easily recognizable biblical base. That being said, we hope to use her book and workshops to reach out to and care for our international community.


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