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The Gospel Project, published by Lifeway, is a chronological Bible study – from Genesis to Revelation — over a three-year time period.  It goes through the events of Scripture to help us put it all together as one story.  The promo material says that every story in the Bible echoes Jesus’ name, and the lessons show us that.  Throughout the three year cycle, it covers 99 key doctrines of the faith as the doctrines occur in the Scripture.  

They offer the material in both “dated” (meaning every lesson has a date on it ) or undated (which means you can do the lesson whenever you want without the distraction of the wrong date written on it, so that if you meet every second week, or take two weeks to finish one of the lessons, etc. it will not matter.). The also offer the back copies so you can select where you would like to start.  There is also a leader book available, and leader training videos every week available on the Gospel Project Facebook page.

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  1. Debbie Kious-Hnat, Celle & Hannover IBC

    I highly recommend it because it gives the women a firm basis in the Bible and its doctrines. If emphasizes not only salvation, but also discipleship and missions, and suggests group service projects.

    We used it in a group that really wanted some serious meat of the Word, but little homework.

    The vocabulary seems a bit challenging, but our non-native English speakers seemed to enjoy learning a few words every week. The writing is also geared more to those who are real readers.

    We purchased a book for each member, at a really reasonable cost, and asked them to read the material before class and bring the book to class, because we actually used it there. The book covered 3 months of material, so groups that continue with the project purchase new material every 3 months.

    Better than purchasing a book for some is that you can purchase pdf or ebook formats from LifeWay to download, or IOS or Android apps where you can make in-app purchases of the books.

    They also offer a four week sample for free on the website.


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