When You Cannot Go to Euroventure …

Sep 13, 2021

When you cannot go to Euroventure, you do the next best thing and have Euroventure come to you.  And that’s what we did in 2021 – turning a week-long in-person camp in beautiful Switzerland into a week-end-long virtual camp – complete with speaker, music, drama, games, breakout sessions, and camp counselors! 

Faced with the difficult choice of a second year without Euroventure, the IBC Youth Team made the decision to bring Euroventure into IBC churches directly through Zoom. For three nights (and one afternoon), nearly 100 youth and adult sponsors in four countries experienced Euroventure like never before – virtually. 

But because we were virtual, we could take advantage of that fact and invite speakers, musicians, and seminar leaders from around the world.  Our speaker Jody Esguerra joined us from Northern Ireland (having just moved from Singapore).  We had a special testimony from Benny Prasad from India.  Our seminar leaders Phil Knox, Victoria Aleksandravicene, Marilyn and Geordon, and Mariana Dinu were in England, Germany, Abu Dhabi, and Romania.  Our musicians were in the U.S. (one a former Euroventure camper).  And like every year, New Edition, the drama team from Hannibal-LaGrange University, did drama and served as camp counselors.

Our churches did a super job of hosting watch parties.  One group even had Euroventure T-shirts made up.  A special thank you to our local youth sponsors who made these events possible.

Euroventure 2021 is available on YouTube (https://ibc-churches.org/building-connections/youth/) so if you or your youth group have not had a chance to participate in Euroventure 2021, check it out!

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