Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

9 – 11 July

We’re moving Euroventure to a virtual space.  Plans are still in the works but we’re committed to making camp as interactive as possible.  And we hope that by going virtual, even more students will be able to attend.  Camp may look different this year, but many of the faces will be the same. There will be sessions each evening and seminars (track times) on Saturday afternoon (Central European Time).

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Speaker: Jody Esguerra

Jody grew up in the Philippines, and after studying to become a nurse God had different plans for him, and he ended up at seminary in Singapore!  Since then, Jody has worked with young people at IBC, Singapore for almost 8 years. He met his wife Hannah there, and now they have an energetic toddler named Isabel Grace. He loves preaching, film-making and gaming. He’s also coffee’s newest fan (maybe related to his new toddler?!) Jody is moving to the UK soon, and is excited to see what God has planned next!

Jody hopes he can share with Euroventure how you can personally experience Jesus in a new and full way!

Youth Leaders:

For churches hosting watch parties, we will offer a Euroventure leadership training webinar via Zoom on 10 June at 20:00 CEST.

Join us to learn how you can support your youth virtually and host a watch party for Euroventure 2021 (please register by clicking on a button below):

Track Time Topics for Saturday Afternoon


Are you moving? Are friends around you moving? It seems that the only constant today is movement! Even in the midst of the pandemic, and sometimes because of it, transitions continue to happen.   So, don’t let life just happen to you.  Be deliberate and intentional about navigating relocation well.  There are best practices. You are not luggage. You are a value-added resource as you plan and look forward to what’s next together with your family.  Join us to hear from change veterans, Marilyn and Geordon Rendle.  Geordon grew up in Latin America with Canadian missionary parents. Marilyn lived in the same house for the first 19 years of her life in Canada. But since their marriage, they have lived in five countries, raised four children and are currently living in Abu Dhabi with their two teenaged daughters, Jolyn and Joy.  

You are not alone!  See the video below.

How to Read the Bible

How to read the Bible?

We know that the Bible is important, but let’s be honest – it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start reading it. In this seminar, we will tackle several important questions:

Why should I read the Bible? How is a book written thousands of years ago still relevant for my life? And how can I understand and trust what it says?

Which Bible should I read from? Why are there so many different translations and versions of the Bible? How do I choose what to read?

Where do I start? Should I try to read the Bible from cover to cover? How do I make sense of all the different books and writings in it?

How do I understand what the Bible says? Even with the most contemporary sounding translations, it is sometimes difficult to connect what the Bible says to what I am experiencing in my daily life. What does it mean for me today that God is my guard? Or my shepherd?

Join us as we explore some practical ways to navigate Bible interpretation!

Led by Robert Aleksandravicius & Victoria Aleksandravicene, Multination Church, Frankfurt, Germany

See the video below.

Living in a Digital World

The invention of the internet has changed everything.  Most young people would rather live without a sense of smell than lose their phone.  But what would Jesus say about how we use technology?  This session will explore the massive impact the digital revolution has had on our lives and encourage us not just to survive in the age of hyper-connection, but thrive and make a difference in it. 

Led by Phil Knox