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The following IBC member churches have staff openings:


IBC Zurich, Switzerland: Pastor/Elder
Position overview:

The International Baptist Church of Zurich (IBCZ), an English-speaking Christian fellowship located in Rüschlikon, near Zurich in Switzerland, is seeking an extremely fluent English speaking and dynamic full time Pastor/Elder.

We are a growing, family oriented, elder-led church with a congregation drawn from numerous countries, cultures and religious backgrounds. As an elder-led church, the applicant must be prepared to servant-lead, work, and walk alongside a plurality of lay elders. The elders work together and are supported well by the diaconate and various ministry leaders.

The ideal man for this position will be called by God, and be spirit-filled. He is a pastor, a friend, and a shepherd who is approachable and hospitable with strong interpersonal and shepherding skills. He has a heart for His church with diverse backgrounds, and a burden to preach to and reach the lost. He should possess the qualifications and qualities as summarised in 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3.

He should be a mature believer who has a passion for God, His Word and His glory. He spends a lot of time on his knees in prayer and devotion. He is well grounded in doctrine, having received formal theological training and who is experienced and gifted in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Complementary attributes would include having strong organizational skills, the ability to lead and develop leaders, be passionate about worship and have the skills to lead our growing church in worship and prayer. International experience as a Pastor/Elder would also be advantageous.

The successful candidate will naturally have been Baptized upon his confession of faith in Jesus Christ as his own personal Lord and Saviour.  He will be compensated according to local terms and conditions and not based on an expatriate formula.  Note that legislation would require him to undertake German lessons and thereby to gain a measure of proficiency in the language.

For further information please contact the Pastor Search Committee at:

International Baptist Church of Zurich
c/o James McVicar, IBCZ Interim Pastor/Elder
Lettenstrasse 95
8134 Adliswil

Phone: +41 79 249 72 04
Email: [email protected]


Applications for this position will close on December 31, 2017.

Posted: 21 November 2017
IBC Costa Rica: Youth & Children's Minister

The International Baptist Church, San Jose, Costa Rica is seeking an experienced individual who will be responsible for the Youth and Children’s Ministry (ages 6-18). A candidate must be a Spirit-led follower of Jesus Christ with a passion for youth and children and a clear calling to our church. They must evidence a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through spiritual disciplines, exhibit a teachable spirit and fulfill the qualifications of an elder as outlined in Titus 1:6-9. We expect the successful candidate to be able to build and mentor a team of volunteers to fulfill the mission of the church. Cross-cultural experience is important, and Spanish knowledge is helpful, but not required. This is a full time-position. If you are interested in learning more and applying for this position, please go to our website which is

Posted: 15 November 2017
Faith Baptist Church, Kaiserslautern, Germany: Senior Pastor
Senior Pastor

For more information about church, position objective, responsibilities, qualifications, and experience, please click here.

Contact email: [email protected]

Posted: 26 October 2017
IBC Hamburg, Germany: Children's & Youth Worker
Position overview:

Leader of Children & Teen Ministry

The “International Baptist Church of Hamburg e.V. (IBC)” is an international English-speaking church with members and visitors from over 50 nations. We have come to the Hamburg metropolitan area for a variety of reasons—training, work, family, or due to difficult political circumstances in our country of origin. Some of us have established permanent residence, others are here temporarily. Many of us have brought our families with us or have established one here, and are raising our children multilingual. There are also many Germans among us who have lived and/or worked in a foreign setting, or who live here in an intercultural family context. Apart from the core of longstanding members and workers we also have high fluctuation of people coming to our church.

Along with the German and Spanish speaking branches of the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde Holstenwall, IBC comprises of the “CityChurch Hamburg.” Over 600 adults and 150 children attend one of our three services every Sunday. In this exciting constellation we are looking for someone to take on the multicultural task of working with our children and teenagers.

Children and Teen Worker
The children and teen worker will be accountable to the IBC leadership, but also work in coordination with the other branches of CityChurch. The emphasis of the task of Child and Teen worker focuses mainly on the children’s groups (3-12 years), but should include the Junior Teens (12-14 years) in the planning of an overall concept.

  • Goal setting
  • Developing educational concepts
  • Planning kids events such as retreats, special days, children and teen groups
  • Organizing the children’s services (children’s praise/ children’s services)
  • Recruiting volunteers to teach and help (also from the teenagers within the church)
  • Organizing co-worker get-togethers and events, as well as workshops forfurther education
  • Promoting parental participation from the parents
  • Administrative and organisational tasks

The requirements for this position are basic training as a child & youth, social worker or teacher or verifiable long term leadership experience in the children and teen work of a church including references. A theological qualification would be beneficial. Fluency in the German language is essential as it is the main language for most of the children. For communication with the parents and guest children fluent English is also required.  Knowledge of Spanish would be quite helpful. The main part of the work would take place over the weekend. We are open to dividing the full-time position between two individuals. We would also be happy to consider a married couple with complementary qualifications who would like to share the position. We offer appropriate compensation according to education, training and work experience.

You are enthusiastic about other cultures, countries, and languages. You are a fervent follower of Jesus and are able to transmit that to others. You are passionate about children, as well as their parents. You are deeply concerned that they grow in their faith, that they experience a positive spiritual environment, and that they learn to take on responsibilities in the church. You are a diligent person who is capable of following our church vision, setting personal goals, pursuing them in a team setting, and leading volunteer workers effectively in children and teen ministry.

Please send your application* to [email protected].

*We would point out that for applicants without German citizenship, access to the German labor market is subject to special regulations.


Church Website:
Contact E-mail: [email protected]
Posted: 13 January 2017
IBC Madrid, Spain: Associate Pastor
Position overview:
Associate Pastor with a focus on family ministries and small groups

Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) is an English-speaking, International congregation in Madrid, Spain. The church is 55 years old. Today IBC serves as church home for people from over 40 nations. Because it is English-speaking in a non-English-speaking country the congregation is made up of people from different denominations, cultures and socio-economic levels. The attendance averages just over 500 people each Sunday.  The church relates to both the International Baptist Convention (IBC) and the Spanish Baptist Convention (UEBE).  We seek to glorify God as we know Him and make Him known through our spheres of influence in Madrid and around the world.

Each Sunday in our services you find university students sitting next to international business people, sitting next to immigrants, sitting next to embassy employees, sitting next to missionaries, who are sitting next to Spaniards.

Our church seeks to be a “modern-day Antioch” that gives testimony to the grace of God through cross-cultural ministry, Christ-like living, intentional discipleship and church planting. As we look out over the people in our congregation we cannot help but wonder about all the plans God has for us with this unique combination of languages, experiences, passions and cultures. We long to find where God is working and join Him. At this point in the life of our church we are looking for an associate pastor who will come work alongside us as God makes His vision for our church a reality.

We are looking for an Associate Pastor whose emphasis will be on family ministries and small groups. This will entail a strong emphasis on parenting and equipping our people to be the primary disciplers of their children. It will also include a clear focus on equipping our people for biblical marriage, trusting that as they learn how to live out the gospel at home they will be prepared to live it out in the world.

This position is open to all nationalities. It is a full-time paid position. No missions agency need be involved. The church will supply the needed work visa.

For more information about Immanuel Baptist Church go to

All resumes or CVs can be sent to [email protected]

Posted: 9 May 2017
FIBC Copenhagen, Denmark: Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor for Youth & Families

For more information, click here

Posted: 12 September 2017
IBC Calahonda, Spain: Missionary Pastor
Position overview: Missionary Pastor

Calahonda International Baptist Church is a small but thriving congregation that has been in existence for over 20 years.  We are conservative but not rigid in our theology.  Our membership is made up of many different nationalities with UK expats being the largest of these.  We are an English language church but for many of our attenders it is a second or even third language  We are team-lead, Christ-honoring, Bible-believing, and evangelistic in character.  We are very much relational in all that we do.  We love God, each other and all those outside our fellowship.  Our average attendance is around 45.  Normally we will have 20 or more visitors in the Sunday services.  Our worship style is blended and enthusiastic, and we operate our own building facility.

The church is located in Calahonda, a vacation and resort community that is a part of the Costa del Sol, just east of Marbella, Spain.  It is at the heart of a large multi-cultural English-speaking population that is largely unreached by the gospel. As such, it is an English speaking ministry with strategic potential and opportunity for growth in a part of the planet that since ancient times has been one of the world’s great crossroads.

Qualifications must include:

  • A passion for the international church and a desire to reach a multi-national, largely English speaking expatriate community in southern Spain. • A master of divinity degree from an accredited seminary. • The flexibility to minister effectively in a culturally and theologically diverse congregation. • A team-oriented philosophy of leadership. • Able to model an authentic relationship with Christ and communicate it clearly. • Has strong one-on-one relational skills and has a passion for developing and discipling individuals. • A learner’s attitude. • Willingness to raise support or self-fund.

Other qualifications that would be advantageous but not required:

  • Prior pastoral experience outside of North America in an English-speaking international church context. • Knowledge of Spanish.

For more information about International Baptist Church Calahonda go to

Please send resumes to: [email protected]
Posted: 26 June 2017
The IBC is planning to plant churches in the following cities and is looking for church planters:


The following staff openings are from churches which are not member churches of the IBC:


KIFC Kiev, Ukraine: Associate Pastor
Position overview:

Kyiv International Fellowship Church is an English language church located in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. KIFC is a small congregation and about one year old. The church is vibrant, with a focus on fellowship.

A KIFC Sunday service is divided into two parts: 60 minutes of service as well as 75 minutes of fellowship which includes light lunch, tea/coffee and refreshments.

KIFC is looking for a full-time Associate pastor with a vision to reach out to the English speaking students, businessmen and attachés using English as a means of sharing Jesus with them.

There are thousands of people who speak English in Kyiv and currently only two English language churches operate in the city.


KIFC expects the Associate pastor to have a passion for reaching out to the internationals. The candidate should be actively involved in leading a small group, meeting and building relationship with the students and encouraging the saints at the church.

The Associate pastor should also be available to preach once or twice a month in the church.

KIFC is in its infancy and is not capable of fully supporting the candidate. However, the congregation is willing to help cover some of the costs.

For more information about Kyiv International Fellowship church, please visit
Please send your resume to: [email protected].

Posted: 24 November 2017