Are you tired of all of the restrictions, disappointments and being told what is NOT possible? In Christ we have been given everything we need for life and godliness. Do you need to be reminded of this? We are all influencers, but how are we influencing those around us? Our conference is over but we want to invite you to watch the videos and pray that we will be AWAKENED to what IS possible.

Naty Tully was our speaker and Nicola Münster teamed up with other ladies from IBC churches to lead us in worship (music videos cannot be shown for copyright reasons).


IBC Women’s Team


It is time for us to TUNE IN!  We are so excited to launch this conference! We are so thankful to our Speaker, Tianne Moon and to our Worship Leader, Nicola Münster for sharing their gifts with us, the churches of the IBC. As a team, it is our prayer that you are encouraged and fed with the songs and the teaching.  

When we started planning for this conference to go digital, we tried to think through all the things you, the church, the Zoom group or the individual, would need to make this an “event”. It is our prayer that we have succeeded in our task.

Below you will find all the links to the sessions, printable material, Power Point slides, icebreakers, and evaluation form.

Click below for the 2021 Digital Conference Playlist

Click below for the 2021 Digital Conference Playlist

Conference Flyer

Click here for the Conferece Flyer.

Conference Evaluation Form

Click here for the 2021 Conference Evaluation Form

An invitation to TUNE IN brought to you by our speaker TIANNE MOON


Videos of the speaker, Kim Blackaby, on the topic of Unshakeable (unfortunately not all sessions are available), and some photos of the 2019 conference are available below. You can also view the sessions on our Facebook page (click on the Facebook button below and scroll down to the live sessions).